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Project – IELTS word of the day

Today IELTS word of the day is



The two main forms of this word are project and projection.

You should note “project” when it is used a verb has a second meaning of forecast/predict. When it is used with this meaning, the noun form is projection.

Some common word combinations – verbs

One problem is how to fund/finance this type of project

It is important that this project is completed 

The priority is to ensure that the project is carried out efficiently and within budget

Sometimes problems occur when the project is not managed professionally.

This type of project typically involves  the cooperation of different bodies.

Types of projects – adjectives/nouns

The situation is unlikely to improve unless financing is found for major infrastructure projects

Rural development projects are key to making this form of sustainable

This form of research project is essential

It should be remembered that the effects of this type of long-term project are only going to seen after several years

Types of projection

Two types of projection that you may need to talk/write about in IELTS are financial and population


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