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Predict – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word of the day for IELTS is:



This is a hugely important word for IELTS, both in speaking and writing, because it allows you to talk about the future.  You should remember that you need to vary your grammar as well as your vocabulary and one day to avoid going “will”, “will”, “will” is to use words such as “predict”

The different forms of this word include predict, predicted, unpredicted, prediction, predictable, predictably, unpredictable, unpredictably and predictability 


Some common word combinations – verbs

It is not easy to make a prediction about technology in the future

Experts predict that fossil fuels will run out by

This prediction is based on scientific research

Types of predictions and how they are made – adverbs and adjectives

Some people confidently predict that longevity will increase

It is not easy to make an accurate prediction of how this will affect people’s behaviour

Climatologists are gloomily predicting that the Polar icecap is going to melt

These predictions about the economy may not turn out to be correct

Levels of prediction – not all predictions are equal!

It is highly predictable that wealthier nations will continue to exploit poorer countries [alternatives include fairly,reasonably and quite]

This, however, is too unpredictable and should not be relied on

Some other related words

“predict” is a useful word, but you still may wan tother variations. Try:

project (as a verb) – “they project that”


forecast – we don’t just use this word for the weather!

foresee – this is particularly useful as an adjective “foreseeable” and “unforeseeable”




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