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Parallel – IELTS word of the day

Todays’s word from the academic word list is



  • The main forms of this word are parallel, paralleled, unparalleled
  • Be careful with the spelling – it’s two ls and then one l
  • parallel can be a noun,adjective and, much less commonly, a verb

Some common word combinations for your writing

You will see below there are a number of common phrases with this word. Note that they can often be used when you are comparing things – something you do very in IELTS writing. Note also that you need to be careful with your prepositions:

have parallels with : the situation today has a number of parallels with the past

be without/be no parallel: there is no parallel in British society for what is happening in China

work/run in parallel: these two solutions could work in parallel and they are not mutually exclusive

draw a parallel between: It is possible to draw a parallel between increased pollution and the growth of industrialisation in developing countries

close/exact parallel: In fact, there is a close parallel in the number of books read by boys and girls in this age range

unparalleled opportunity/success: Information technology offers young people today an unparalleled opportunity to study  by themselves outside the classroom



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