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This another word that can be used to describe change and is useful in discussion type essays. This is a key concept in essays as you frequently need to write about these ideas:

what changes you expect to happen in the future

what changes have happened compared to the past

how a proposal/suggestion will change things

Forms of the word

modify: a verb

modification: a countable and uncountable noun

modified: an adjective

unmodified: the negative adjective

Other related words

There are a number of words in English for describing change. Here are a few other common ones









Using the word

slight/major/minor etc: It may be necessary to modify the some courses so that they are suitable for online learning.

make: This proposal could work if some modifications are made to it.

behaviour/attitude: Another possible solution is simply to find a way to encourage problem children to modify their behaviour and adapt to the normal classroom environment.

genetically modified/GM: The major argument in favour of genetically modified crops is that they produce a far greater yield than standard crops.


The two prepositions most commonly used with modification are

to: You make a modification to a proposal

of: A modification of a proposal may result in better results




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