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Minor – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from the academci word list is



  • The two major forms of this word are minor and minority
  • Minor is an excellent alternative to little and small – neither of which are normally appropriate in more academc writing. It may come in useful in task 1 writing in particular when describing figures.
  • Minority is also extremely useful – particularly when you have to describe percentages/proportions and it should be (with majority) one of your stand-by words.
  • Both minor and minority can be used (slightly unusually to describe people under 18 – a minor, someone in their minority
  • There are any number of useful phrases and collocations to note here. here are jut a few of the more common ones:
a minor problem
a minor detail
a minor change
minor injury/surgery
minor road
relatively minor
an ethnic minority
a minority government



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