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Another extremely important word that can be used for health and education topics. For example, common questions ask you to comment on what subjects should be included on a school’s curriculum and this asks you to think about physical and mental activities. Likewise, other topics ask you to write about health or happiness, here you need to think about mentalities.

Forms of the word

mental: an adjective

mentality: a countable noun

mentally: an adverb

Using the word

illness/health/disorder/hospital: More and more are suffering from depression and other forms of mental illness and any policy needs to take this into account.

arithmetic: There is an argument for limiting the use of technology in the classroom and encouraging more old-fashioned skills such as the ability to do mental arithmetic

physical: Any reform of the educational system needs to take into account both the mental and physical requirements of children.

negative/positive etc: Some people have a much more tolerant mentality and are more willing to accept new ideas than others.

block: Sorry I’ve forgotten the word I’m trying to think of – I’ve got a mental block. What I’m trying to say is… [Spoken language to reformulate what you want to say when you have lost a word]

image: I still have  avery clear mental image of the house I grew up in [picture in your mind]

note: I will make a mental note to remind you about it. [spoken language]


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