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This is a word that will of course be familiar to many IELTS candidates who need to fulfil the requirements of the General Medical Council. For the rest of the world it is clearly a word that will be useful for discussing health. Note that it is also used quite frequently in general English as a noun.

Forms of the word

medical: an adjective

medical: a countable noun

medically: an adverb

medicine: another related noun

Using the word

have: Anyone over 50 should have a regular medical very six months or so.

prescribe: It is very dangerous when the sick take medicine which has not been prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner.

diagnosis/treatment: For some conditions the cost of medical treatment is extremely high.

care: The standard of medical care is improving steadily, but still too many patients suffer unnecessarily.

alternative/conventional: There is a longstanding debate over the relative merits of alternative and conventional medicine.

profession: The medical profession are,  for example, well-paid but deserve every penny they earn.

school: It is normally very competitive to get into medical school and only the best students are able to win a place.


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