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Mechanism – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from the Academic Word List is



Again, this is one of more technical words in the AWL often used in technological writing. It does, however, have a more general usage and can mean much the same as method, means or way. Typically, however, it is used to describe more precise methods.

The word is also related to mechanic and mechanical. A car mechanic is the person who mends your car.

Common combinations

This might provide mechanisms for supporting those students who need extra assistance with their studies

It is not easy to determine the precise mechanisms that could achieve this end.

This also is an effective mechanism for enforcing the regulations in the advertising industry

This approach could be successful in identifying the underlying mechanisms.


It is also worth paying attention to some common prepositions

This is achieved through mechanisms such as implementing nationwide schemes for vocational training

This could act as a mechanism for  ensuring that multinational corporations are kept under control

Two common technical phrases

The two  common word combinations here are both quite technical:

a defence mechanism (either something physical that protects you from illness eg the immune system, or something mental that helps you against problems)

the exchange rate mechanism (a technical term in economics that describes a system governing the exchange rate of different currencies


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