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This is a word that is useful for writing about solutions, ideas and proposals and is as such excellent for problem type essays where you need to make suggestions. Naturally, you want to think of logical solutions.

Forms of the word

logic: an uncountable noun

logical: the positive adjective

illogical: the negative adjective

logically: the positive adverb

illogically: the negative adverb

logician: the person

Using the word

think: Subjects like maths, which may seem theoretical, can help students to learn to think logically and help them in later life.

accept/follow/understand: It is not easy to follow the logic of this proposal as it seems bound to cause more harm than good.

in/behind: The logic behind this idea is that it would allow more women to pursue a career after giving birth.

solution/idea/proposal: One logical solution to this problem would be provide aid that was helped sustain development in these countries.


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