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This is a word with two connected but slightly different meanings/uses. There is the document, which can either be a driving licence or a form of contract, and then there is the more general use where the word means something similar to allow/permit/approve.

A note on spelling

There’s a difference in British and American spelling. In the UK

the verb is license

the noun is licence

In the USA they do it differently and

the verb is license

the noun is license

Which is better? Neither. The British and Americans typically accept the alternative spelling. One suggestion is that you should try and be consistent and spell either the Bristish way or the American way.

Another confusing spelling word is practice. In the UK

the verb is practise

the noun is practice

In the USA though

the verb is practice

the noun is practice

A third confusing word is advice. here though both British and American spelling tis the same:

the verb is advise

the noun is advice

Practice, licence and advise

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Forms of the word

licence: a countable and uncountable noun

license: a verb (in British spelling)

licensed: an adjective

unlicensed: its opposite

Using the word

driving/television: People who drive under the influence of alcohol should lose their driving licence.

allow/give: Children should be given greater licence to express themselves freely in the classroom and should wait to speak until they are spoken to.

under: Many electronics goods are now manufactured under licence in countries like China where labour is much cheaper.

off-licence: One solution would be close any off-licences that sold alcohol to people under the age of 18. [a shop in the UK which is licensed to sell alcohol]

laws/legislation: The licensing laws may need to be amended to make it more difficult for shops to sell alcohol.



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