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Investigate – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from the Academic Word List is



The main forms of this word are investigateinvestigation, investigative and investigator. It is a useful word for writing and speaking about why problems happen and can be used in academic cause/effect essays. It is similar in usage to research and examine. Another less formal synonym is look into. More technically, it is also frequently used in relation to crime.

“Academic” investigations

a detailed investigation needs to be conducted to ascertain why this happens

this will only be revealed by further investigation

this issue has not yet been properly investigated

scientific investigation shows that this is not the case

it may help to investigate exactly what effects these chemicals have on the environment

“Criminal” investigations

The police should investigate each case separately

The authorities are bound to investigate all such allegations

If any complaint is made, the regulatory body needs to investigate it

The media

A special case is investigative journalism – this is where reporters look into sensitive issues such as corruption.


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