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Integrate – IELTS word of the day

Today’s IELTS word of the day from the Academic Word List is



The key forms of this word are integrate, integrated and integration. Other forms to note include integral, disintegration and disintegrate


When a system is integrated, all its parts work together. This works at different levels:

It is not a simple matter to integrate modern technology into the classroom

How to manage racial integration is an issue that confronts many governments


There are three prepositions that are commonly used

Another consideration is how to integrate this new system into the existing structure

There may be difficulties in integrating new employees with more established members of staff

Historically, the integration of immigrant communities has been at best a slow process


There are two adverbs that are most commonly used with this word

It is perhaps optimistic to hope that these communities will ever be fully integrated

In the modern world, the economies of different countries are now closely integrated.


This is a related word. If something is integral, it is a vital component/part of something:

Some would argue that sport is an integral part of the school curriculum.


This is the opposite of integrate and can be used either with a physical or metaphorical meaning:

The relationship between different parts of the community has disintegrated (metaphorical)

it disintegrated into small fragments (physical)


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