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Illustrate – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from academic word list is



  • This is a key word for any IELTS candidate because it allows you to introduce examples in different ways and giving examples is a must in any IELTS essay. And, well, it does help if you can do more than just write “for example”
  • To see how you can use this word, I suggest you take a look at the exercises in the link above. The point is that I take one sentence and use different variations of the words illustrate and illustration to show you some of the ways you can use this word. The idea is that if you learn different collocations (phrases) and the grammar of the word you will be able to use it much more flexibly and so write with greater freedom.
  • Do you need to know all these variations? Perhaps not. The problem is though that if you learn only one way of using the word, you may end up making a mistake because of the grammar of that particular sentence.
  • Some of the variations to consider are:

by way of illustration

clearly illustrate

be illustrated by

illustrate how/when

an example that illustrates

illustrate a point/an illustration of a point


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