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Valid – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from List 3 of the academic word list is



This is an extremely versatile word with many useful forms including: valid,validate, invalidate, invalidity, validity, validation and validly

Valid  (and its opposite invalid) is a useful word as many of its collocations help you talk about arguments – something you will do a lot in your essay writing. Consider these noun combinations:

a valid claim

a valid principle

a valid reason

a valid observation

The other noun validity (and its opposite invalidity) is also a very useful word with many combinations:

establish the validity

challenge the validity of

question the validity of

doubt the validity of

the legal validity of

equal validity

Common adverbs used are:

entirely valid

perfectly valid

scientifically valid

still valid

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    • Dominic Cole February 20, 2013 at 10:19 pm #

      Thank you. I even just now landed back in China – where my internet connectivity is very reduced but I do hope to be posting regularly. But please bear with me if things don’t quite work out.

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