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Grant – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word from the Academic Word List is



The forms of this word that you need are grant and granted. It is a complex word with a variety of different meanings and usages.

Grant – give

It can mean “give”, but is used in much more limited circumstances:

you can grant permission

you can grant a request/wish

Grant – understand

It can also mean “understand and is most often found in the form

take something for granted

This can either mean that you do not think about something when you should: if you take your wife for granted, she might leave you! It can also mean that it is something that does not need thinking about because everyone knows it

Grant – money

Another very common usage is that grant can be used as a noun for a “gift” of money :

a research grant

a student grant (sadly much less common nowadays)



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    could you please send more words and examples?

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