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This family of words is useful for talking about help in general. The most useful word is almost certainly facilities which is a word you can use for talking about buildings.

Facilities and amenities

Here are two very similar words that mean much the same thing but are used in slightly different ways. Facilities describe things that improve the quality of a building typically:

the bathroom facilities

leisure facilities

Typically, though we use amenities for describing things that improve the quality of a place – such as your home town:

the local amenities include a bank and shopping mall

Forms of the word

The more common forms of the word include;

facilitate: a verb

facilitation: an uncountable noun

facilitator: the person who facilitates

facility: a countable noun most often used in the plural

Using the word

process: This proposal to provide expert help would facilitate the process of using aid to create a sustainable infrastructure.

development: The government needs to find a way to facilitate the development of more vocational training.

provide/offer/have:  All workplaces should provide facilities such as creches so that working mothers can find affordable childcare.

improve: In many cases schools need to improve their sports facilities and provide a greater range of outdoor activities.

use: One issue is that many leisure facilities are simply not used and have proved to be a waste of valuable resources.

basic/excellent etc: These facilities do not need to be particularly extensive, but they do need to cater for the needs of the clientele.


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