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This is a word that helps you talk and write about change. It is a close relation to the revolution and typically describes slower, less dramatic changes that are positive. It is useful synonym for develop .

Forms of the word

The main forms of the word are:

evolve: the verb

evolution: an uncountable noun

evolutionary: the adjective that describes evolution

Using the word

rapidly: The car industry in the UK needs to evolve rapidly if it is to remain competitive.

system: The system of university education has evolved steadily over the years and now it designed to help students find jobs and not merely study theoretically.

gradual: There has been a gradual evolution in the way people get their news; now they are much less dependent on the television and radio.

process: The criminal, legal system has undergone a slow process of evolution so that it now concentrates more on the needs of the victim.

from/out of: For instance, wind farms, which provide so much of out energy nowadays, have evolved from academic research into weather patterns.

into: This proposal to provide aid could evolve into an extremely important means to support developing nations.

of: The evolution of the internet in recent years has been very rapid and it is now much more than a means of sharing information.


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