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This may seem like an unusual word, but it does have a surprising number of uses. These mostly relate to property and you need to be aware that – in the UK at least – the people who buy and sell houses for you are estate agents.

Forms of the word


Using the word

housing/industrial/council: While the downtown areas of the city are extremely modern, many of the housing estates on the outskirts date back to the 1960s.

estate agent/agency: One effect of these developments is that city centres are full of services such as banks, hairdressers and estate agents and that all the retail outlets have been put out of business.

real estate: The price of real estate in some areas of the country has risen so much that effectively no one can afford to buy a house.

estate car: One solution would be raise the tax on certain types of cars, particularly estate cars and 4-by-4s, which consume more fuel. [estate cars are larger cars – not hatchbacks]

the fourth estate: Theoretically one role of the fourth estate is to expose injustice within society and corruption in the government through investigative journalism.






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