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Environment – IELTS word of the day

Today’s word is




  • clearly the environment is one of key IELTS topics
  • there are 4 different forms of the word to be aware of: environment, environmental. environmentally, environmentalist
  • when we talk of the environment, we are normally referring to the natural world. A different way of saying this is: the natural environment. Sometimes errors are made by trying to use “nature” in this way
  • this is one of the more commonly misspelled words in English; note the n in environment just like government
  • it is quite normal to use this word to mean “conditions”, so we can refer to an “office environment”
And that completes the set for List 1 of the Academic Word List. I hope to publish a series of review exercises in the next few weeks. These will look at word formation, prepositions and collocations.
Onward to List 2.



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