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This is a word that is useful for speaking and writing about rules and regulations. There may be rules, but problems often occur because they are not properly enforced.

Grammar/Vocabulary note

You should see that enforce is a verb made from the noun force. It will help your vocabulary learning to see how you can often make more words by adding en to nouns/adjectives. This can be done by adding en at the end as a suffix or at the beginning as a prefix. Below are some examples:












Forms of the word

enforce: a verb

enforcement: an uncountable noun

enforced: an adjective

enforceable: another adjective for something that can be enforced

Using the word

Note that the grammar of enforce something ON somebody/something

law/rule/regulation/standards: There would be fewer problems with water pollution if government agencies enforced the rules on dumping toxins in rivers.

government/authorities/courts: The authorities need to enforce a ban on smoking in all public areas and not just indoors.

ban: Any ban on smoking in all public places is not enforceable in practical terms.

law enforcement agency: The police and other law enforcement agencies should monitor the situation so that it does not deteriorate.


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