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This is a key word for today’s world. A lot of the discussion about the environment is how we can provide energy in an efficient and sustainable way. It also comes in useful when you are discussion personal qualities. Are you energetic and do you have enthusiasm? It also has technical meanings in the world of physics and science.

Forms of the word

energy: an uncountable noun

energies: a less common countable noun (used only in the plural)

energetic: an adjective used to describe personal qualities

Using the word

Hot topics nowadays include energy security and efficiency. To discuss the environment, you need to be able to use these common phrases/combinations:

atomic/solar/nuclear/wind: Doubts over the safety and cost of atomic energy has led to the creation of an increasing number of wind farms across the UK

alternative/renewable/sustainable: Most people accept that we need to find sources of energy that are renewable and not rely simply on fossil fuels.

forms/sources: Thanks to advances in science and technology, there is a wide of variety of sustainable forms of energy available nowadays.

security: Governments across the world now have to consider the question of energy security.

save/conserve: A simple suggestion would be to encourage householders to save as much energy as possible by insulating their houses.

use/consume/waste: One of the consequences of our modern style of life is that we consume much more energy than we did in the past.

These word combinations are more typically used when we are discussing people and their qualities. Note the different prepositions:

have: In the evenings I don’t always have the energy to study.

put _____ in/expend____on/devote_____to : I have expended a lot of energy on learning English – it’s high priority for me

person/character: I admire my mother so much because she is such an energetic person


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  1. Phúc Hảo Lê Thị March 29, 2014 at 7:07 am #

    Vocabulary test is very good and interesting. Your listening practice is very important for us to miss words. I think that I listen and guess word, guess situation and phrases in sentences.

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  2. Phúc Hảo Lê Thị March 30, 2014 at 4:10 am #

    Your lesson vocabulary is very great and useful. I think that you have a lot of different words styles when writing will not repeat , use more plentiful and interesting. In addition, you have to read and practice exercises everyday, so knowdege about words grow up.


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