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One of the more technical words in the academic word list. It is quite close in meaning to separate and is generally used to describe the parts or units of something. The much more common form of the word is discretion and this can also be used for talking about decisions in more general writing

Spelling problem

Do not confuse this word with discreet – an adjective meaning someone you can trust to keep a secret. The two words sound exactly alike.

Other forms of the word

The other  useful forms of the word are

discretion – a noun meaning ability to make a decision or judgement

discretionary – the adjective

Using the word

have: Many teachers have discretion about how much home work they should set.

exercise/use: Parents need to use their discretion in deciding how much television they should let their children watch.

considerable: The managers have considerable discretion in deciding who to hire and fire.

leave to: Typically, this form of decision is left to the discretion of individuals.

at: The final decision about what to include on the curriculum must be at the discretion of the head teachers.


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