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This is a family of words that has some common words used in business and medicine. In more general English, the words are talking about advice.

Forms of the word

consult: a verb meaning to ask for information or advice in fairly formal way

consultant: a countable noun – typically used for jobs ( a management consultant). It is also the highest level doctor in the British medical system

consultancy: a countable noun top mean a company that provides consultation services and an uncountable noun to mean the work a consultancy company does

consultation: another noun that is both countable or uncountable to mean a meeting (countable) or discussion (uncountable)

consultative: the adjective

Using the words


There are a number common prepositions here:

on/about/over: The local authorities need to consult with local residents on any new building development. (these words are almost interchangeable)

with: This consultation with local residents may be an extended process.

in: Soon my wife will be a consultant in cardio-thoracic anaesthesia. (shows her area of specialism)

to:  I work as a consultant to a variety of educational establishments.

Other combinations

paediatric (etc): While the majority of paediatric consultants are female, there are also a number of males working in this area.

management/recruitment etc: One suggestion would be to hire a management consultant to analyse what problems the business has,

firm: This work would probably require the assistance of a firm of management consultants. (Certain professions – law and accountancy are others use firm to describe their business)




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