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This is another flexible word that can be both a verb and a noun. While it can be used to talk about wars or disagreements between nations, it is probably more useful in academic writing for describing ideas or proposals that contradict each other. It is a word that you can use for disagreements and disputes.

Forms of the word

conflict: a noun

conflict: a verb

conflicting: an adjective

Using the words

There are some problem prepositions you need to pay attention to:

over: There is a longstanding conflict over the future of the nuclear industry.

between: This has led to a conflict between environmental groups and the government.

in __  with: The energy industry are sometimes in direct conflict with the green movement. 

These are some of the different types of conflict:

violent/armed: One reason why some countries continue to suffer from poverty is that they also suffer from from a  history of armed conflicts.

political/social: These countries are unlikely to strengthen their economies until their political and social conflicts are resolved.

ideas/proposals: While these two proposals may seem to conflict with each other, there is a possible compromise.

A useful phrase:

a conflict of interest: you have a conflict of interest if you are supposed to be neutral but are not.


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