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Confer – IELTS word of the day

Confer is today’s word from the Academic Word List


The major forms of this word are confer and conference

Please note the spelling of the verbal forms of conferring and conferred with a double r


This is a formal word for give/grant, but is used quite narrowly with only certain words:

to confer an advantage/right/power

to confer a degree/title

You should also note that a degree is conferred on someone

There is also a second quite different meaning of “talk” with the idea of asking for advice/an opinion

to confer with a lawyer

This time the preposition is with


This is a more general use word and is often found in these combinations:

attend a conference/hold a conference

press conference/news conference

conference centre

The prepositions are

a conference with someone

a conference on something

be in conference (busy!)

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