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This word means the same as idea (although it is less common) and is related to the verb conceive. You should note that the other forms of the word are much less commonly used.

Another related word is notion.


Forms of the word

concept – a noun

conception – a noun

conceptual – an adjective

conceptually – an adverb

conceptualise – a verb

Using the word

grasp/understand: Some older people are unable to grasp the concept of social networks.[grasp is a good idiom for understand – perfectly acceptable in written English]

central/basic/key/fundamental: The concept of privacy is fundamental to modern society. 

new: A relatively new concept is that it is possible to learn without attending a formal institute of education.

of: It is important for the future of the planet that the concept of recycling waste becomes generally accepted.

that: This is in contrast to the traditional concept that children should stay at home with their parents until they get married.

have no concept of: These people have no concept of the difficulties that immigrants face.




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