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Commit – IELTS word of the day

Commit is the IELTS word of the day from the Academic word list


The major forms of this word are commit, committed and commitment. You need to be careful with the spelling of commitment with two ms and t and committed with two ms and two ts.

Commit is a particularly important word if you find yourself writing about crime although it also has a number of  other uses in more general English:

commit a crime/offence/murder etc

commit adultery

commit to /something doing something – (this is close to a strong form of agree)

commit yourself to something – (this is closely related to the adjective committed: if you are committed, then you do not hold back

commit to hospital – (mostly for mental patients)

commit to memory – (remember)

Commitment is a useful word especially for describing people:

show commitment – (show that you do not give up easily and are enthusiastic)

make a commitment – (a strong promise)

have a prior commitment – (an engagement to do something)

a firm commitment

There is also a related word commission, which is much less common, for example “the commission of a crime”. another word to recognise is committal, as in the committal of someone into hospital.

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