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Here both the word and the idea are important. Brevity and clarity often go together and the art of good essay writing involves saying something as clearly as possible using as few words you need – this makes it easier for the reader.

One use of the word you may be less familiar with is the verb. If you brief someone, you tell them what is going on or “put them in the picture”.

Forms of the word






Using the word 

summary/comment/statement etc: Conclusions may also include brief summaries of what has gone before, or even direct repetition of key  points.

period/moment/pause: A brief period of consultation may be needed before these proposals are implemented.

encounter/meeting etc: It is often said that the most effective meetings are brief.

brevity and clarity: Two of the most important qualities of a well-written report are brevity and clarity.

a watching brief: This body though only holds a watching brief over consumer affairs and has no actual power.



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