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This is obviously a key word in writing and speaking about advantages. It is important that you are able to vary your vocabulary and two words and phrases that you can use are:


strong point

The word is also used to describe the payments received by the needy in the welfare state.

Forms of the word

benefit (noun) (verb) [don’t forget that it can be a verb too]

beneficial (adjective)

beneficiary (person/noun)

Using the word

state/housing/unemployment/child/sickness: The government wants to reduce the number of people receiving housing benefit.

claim/receive: The number of people claiming sickness benefit payments has risen steadily in the past decade.

mutual This would help both parties and be to their mutual benefit.

long-term/health/environmental etc There is no doubt about the health benefits of giving up smoking.

effect/result One beneficial effect of this would be to reduce the amount of C02 in the atmosphere.

Some prepositions

of One of the benefits of this approach is that it would involve more people in the decision-making process.

be of benefit to  This policy would certainly be of benefit to younger people looking for their first job.

from Most people benefit from advice given by their parents at some stage in their lives.

on An increasingly large section of the population live on unemployment benefit.




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