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This can be a useful and more academic variation of the very common word know (about) and knowledge. It is used commonly in both speaking and writing and is particularly useful when discussing issues such as health and the environment.

Forms of the word

  • aware (adjective)
  • unaware (adjective)
  • awareness (noun)
  • self-awareness (noun)

Useful collocations

raise/heighten:  A great deal of progress has been made in raising people’s awareness of the dangers of passive smoking.

of + noun: Some children are not aware of the risks associated with alcohol and tobacco.

that + subj + verb: Many people remain unaware that they are putting their health at risk by not eating so much junk food.

acutely: I am acutely aware that it may be difficult for me to settle in another country. (spoken)

well: I am well aware that not everyone may agree with this point of view. (spoken)

public: The government needs to heighten public awareness of this matter.

politically/environmentally: The younger generation is on the whole much less politically aware than their parents.



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