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The meaning of this word that is likely to be most useful is when you are talking about relationships and feelings: it is an interesting variant of like/love. You can also use it in employment when someone maybe attached to a company temporarily even though they are employed by an another company. And you do of course use it/see it every day when you open emails that have attachments.

Forms of the word





Using the word 

be attached to: Although I don’t see my school friends very regularly, I am still deeply attached to them.

be/work on attachment: While she is still technically employed by the law firm, she is now working on attachment in the offices of one of their clients.

emotional/strong: Typically children have a greater emotional attachment to their mothers than their fathers.

be unattached: You must meet Peter. He’s just broken up with his girlfriend and is now unattached!

have/form: While I was there I formed a strong attachment to Miami and I can’t wait to go back.

email attachment: You will find the form attached to this email.

significance/weight/importance: It is possible to attach too much importance to what children say.



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