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This is one of those words that means “believe” or “think”. It is though used in a special way as it is used when you have no evidence – a more academic guess! It is closely linked to presume   and presumption.

It can also be used in other senses too. One particularly useful phrase being assume control – meaning to take control.

Forms of the word

assume a verb

assuming a conjunction

assumed an adjective

assumption a noun

Using the word

make: It would be unwise to make the assumption that everyone wants to live in the city. [note the use of unwise here]

easy: An easy assumption to make is that road traffic will continue to increase, but there is evidence that it may in fact fall. [note that if you make an easy assumption – you may be wrong!]

based on: This is based on the assumption that the world’s population will continue to grow.

that: Assuming that immigration will continue to increase, some controls will need to be introduced. [Assuming that here is close to if in meaning]

control/command: Central government needs to assume control of educational services to ensure that a uniform standard is maintained.




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