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This is a word that can be used in many contexts. It is similar to meaning to judge/judgement and is perhaps most useful in combination when talking about needs and impacts.

Do be careful with the spelling. Double letters often cause problems – here you have SS and SS!

Forms of the word

assess (a verb)

reassess (to do it again)

assessment (a noun)

reassessment (a noun)

assessor (the person)

Using the word

value/cost: They need to assess the cost before taking any action.

impact/effectiveness/extent: It is too early to assess the long-term impact of GM foods.

performance/ability: There are some who believe that exams do not accurately assess the ability of students.

carry out/conduct/make: It would be sensible to carry out an assessment of how living in high-rise buildings affects people’s lives.

risk/environmental/clinical: Environmental assessments of tourist destinations show that tourism is harming the natural environment.

fair/accurate: The number of sales made are not always the fairest assessment of a salesman’s ability.

a needs assessment: One of the most important parts of an IELTS course is an accurate needs assessment at the start.




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