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This is an extremely common word that is useful in a wide range of contexts. It is used mostly to talk about geographical areas and is similar to region in that way. It can also be sued to discuss issues and problems.

Forms of the word

area (countable noun)

Using the word

difficult/important/key: The use of video surveillance is a difficult area, with strong arguments on both sides of the issue.

research: One area of research is that should receive more funding is cancer research.

local/rural/urban/isolated/residential etc: Bus services in some rural areas are now very irregular and run only once or twice a day.

catchment area: House prices in the catchment area of the best schools tend to be much higher than the national average. [The catchment area of a school is the area where the children live]

Two idioms

grey area: The extent to which parents should be responsible for their children’s actions is a grey area. [This means that it is debatable with arguments on both sides – it is not a black and white issue to use another related idiom]

no-go area: Some housing estates have become almost no-go areas at night where even local residents are afraid to go out.




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