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This is an extremely useful word that can mean the same as method or way. It is particularly useful for writing about the possible solution of problems.

It can also be used more idiomatically in speaking to talk to someone.

Forms of the word

approach (verb) (countable noun)

approachable (adjective)

unapproachable (the negative adjective)


Using the word

adopt/take: Large companies should take a more flexible approach to hiring older people.

positive/flexible/methodical/traditional etc: The traditional approach has always been to study a course at university that you will you in your career.

problem/task: One way to approach this problem would be to involve local communities.

person: He was always a very approachable person and easy to talk to.

amount/number/percentage: The percentage of younger people reading books in the evening approached 60%. [this means was almost]

to: One suggestions is that the government should adopt a more tolerant approach to the use of soft drugs.

about: When I approached him about this he told me that he was too busy to help.




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  1. Gopal Nakarmi November 15, 2014 at 10:46 am #

    Good exercise, could you please add synonyms, antonyms and associated common idioms.

    Many thank for posting, very useful.

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