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This is a thinking and understanding word that is used in a number of fields including education, business and medicine. It is chiefly used when you are trying to understand data or information as in task 1. It is also used to discuss problems.

A useful related word is evaluate


Forms of the word

analyse (verb)

analysis (noun)

analyst (the person)

analytical (adjective)

anaytically (adverb)

Note on spelling. The verb form analyse can also be spelled analyze.

Using the word

data/information: The first step must be to analyse the information available and only then decide what action to take.

nature/behaviour/reasons/trends/patterns: When we analyse the reasons for this problem, we see that it is not insoluble.

show: Analysis shows that most families only require one car.

skills/approach/method: Students should be encouraged to take an analytical approach.

business/financial: Even most business analysts failed to predict the financial meltdown.




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    Excellently dedicated site for IELTS preparation

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