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This is yet another word in the “change” family. It is typically used to speak about more formal changes and legal changes: think of the Fifth Amendment. It is a useful word for when you are discussing what should be done about a problem: perhaps the legislation needs to be amended.

You should also see that if you amend something, you make it better.

Forms of the word

There are three common forms of the word

  • amend: this is the verb
  • amendment: this is the noun (see the common suffix -ment)
  • (make) amends: this is a set phrase

Using the word

  • proposal/act/legislation: The government should amend the legislation so that it is more effective in preventing companies from dumping waste in rivers.
  • make: While this proposal looks sound, some amendments may need to be made.
  • to: One possible amendment to this policy would be to limit the number of hours that young people are allowed to work.
  • make amends: Let me make amends by taking you out for a coffee (this is set phrase – often used in speech – meaning to make up for a mistake you have made)





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2 Responses to Amend

  1. Jane March 15, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    Hi Dominic
    Thanks for the interesting lesson. I found your “word of the day” lessons are really helpful and easy to remember (I’m not a fan of dictionary, btw !!)
    I would retrieve some words that I haven’t learned yet. How could I search for the word I need in your hundreds of lessons? Thanks much

    • Dominic Cole March 15, 2014 at 11:35 am #

      Thanks Jane

      As it happens the word of the day is part of the site that I am most proud of. I’d really like to add exercises – as I originally had. I’m currently looking at ways to make that happen. My current intention is to add weekly/fortnightly reviews – it’s the right way I think as vocabulary needs to be done at least twice for it to stick.

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