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Alter – word of the day

Today’s word form the academic word list is



This word has a number of  forms including

  • alter
  • alteration
  • alternate
  • alterable
  • unalterable
  • alternating
  • altered
  • unaltered

Related words

This is very similar to adjust, yesterday’s word of the day, and it falls into the same family as change, modify, revise, adapt and adjust. 

Common collocations

  • make: They may need to make some alterations so that it works more efficiently (note that alteration can be a countable noun)
  • fact: That still does not alter the fact that women are generally paid less than men (note alter the fact that is a set phrase)
  • considerable/fundamental: This would mean fundamentally altering the roles of teachers in the classroom. (always think about qualifying your verbs)
  • to: The first step would be to make some fairly minor alterations to the law.
  • undergo: Many cities in China, for instance, have undergone some major alterations due to increased industrialisation.



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