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If you adjust something, you normally just make a small change to it – it is more to do with evolution than revolution. It can be used in your writing when you are talking about proposals or policies that may need to be changed slightly to be more effective.

Related words

Other common words that have much the same meaning are: change, modify, revise, adapt and alter

Forms of the word

The forms of this word you need are:

  • adjust – the verb
  • adjustment – the noun
  • readjust – “re’ means that you do it again
  • readjustment – this is the noun form and it is both countable and uncountable

Common collocations

make: It may be the case that certain adjustments will have to be made.

minor: This will only require a minor adjustment to the law. (adjust typically means a small change)

to + noun: Some people find it very difficult to adjust to life in a foreign country

to + verbing: some people find adjusting to life in a foreign country remarkably difficult.

accordingly: If inflation continues to rise, it is arguable that the government may need to adjust interest rates accordingly.

well-adjusted: While it can be difficult to settle in a foreign country, people who are well-adjusted tend to cope better. (an doom meaning “mentally strong”)


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