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List 4 is complete and so it is back to the beginning of the alphabet in list 5. Today’s word should mean a lot to IELTS people. It’s



This is obviously a word that will be useful for discussing education and, perhaps, careers.

Forms of the word

The forms of this word you need are:

academy – the place where you might study
academic – the adjective (academic and not general IELTS)
academic – a countable noun to describe someone teaching at university level
academia – an uncountable noun for university study and research
academically – the adverb

Avoid a mistake

Note that the adjective is academic and not academical.

Using the word

institution – Many academic institutions are now offering distance courses and lectures over the internet.

qualifications –  It is arguable that experience is more important than academic qualifications when they are hiring new employees.

disciplines – Some academic disciplines are taught in a very theoretical manner that deters some students.

year – It is quite common for language students to spend an academic year at a foreign university to help with their studies.

excellence – Schools should make a point pif rewarding academic excellence to encourage the best students.

study – Academic studies have confirmed that there is a causal connection between smoking and lung cancer.

This is the ACADEMIC word list


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