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This word has two uses that may come in useful. In essay writing it can sometimes be used to replace  theoretical/theoretically.This helps you make a contrast between what an idea/proposal and what works in practice:

While legalising some drugs may seem to be the best way forward in the abstract. In practical terms, it may well lead to greater drug use among teenagers who wish to experiment.

The other use is to discuss different forms of art. Put very simply, abstract art has nothing in it you would recognise from real life. See below. The normal phrase to describe art which does reflect real life is figurative art.


Forms of the word

abstract [common both an adjective and a noun – the verb is much less usual]



Using the word

art/paintings: I’m not too keen on abstract art – I prefer landscapes and portraits.

ideas/theory/concepts: One of the more effective ways to teach in school is to avoid too many abstract ideas and concentrate on real life examples.

in abstract terms: For example, most younger children find it difficult to think in abstract terms.

in the abstract: While this form of taxation may seem a good idea in the abstract, it is unlikely to be effective.

write/read an abstract: One way to understand complex academic articles is to read the abstract. [The abstract of a piece of writing is a short summary, either used as an introduction or conclusion]





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