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Helen ESL


My teaching style

IELTS doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I guide students through speaking and writing so they have the confidence they need to succeed. I look at my students my students and take a flexible and practical approach to help them with their needs in the time available

In both writing and speakingI make sure my students are familiar with the band score criteria and give them practice and detailed feedback with models to show them how to improve.

What my students say

“I was lucky to find Helen. Her charming manner of teaching and warm personality engaged me from the very beginning. Our speaking sessions were more than helpful. I felt quite confident during my exam and was happy to get my results – overall band score 8. I am sure that Helen can help you to prepare for IELTS and to raise your oral and writing skills”

“Helen is a great teacher with rich experience. I like her systematic, logical and very focused approach to teaching subjects.”

I highly recommend Helen as a teacher. She´s willing to help you reach your goals. My classes were very helpful, she gave me some great advice on how to improve my writing for IELTS.

“I really enjoyed our lessons because I got lots of knowledge and information from Helen and she is a very good teacher who didn’t waste any time in our lesson.”


IELTS speaking lessons via Skype
IELTS writing lessons, Academic and General, via Skype
Essay correction
Personal Statement and CV writing


Oral Examiner for three well-known examination bodies
Cambridge CELTA
teaching IELTS since 2008
Over 10 years teaching ESL, focusing primarily on adults

Location and time zone:

GMT +2


Monday through Friday
How to find me:

Face to face IELTS courses

These are not online tutors – these are people you get to meet in person to teach you.  Obviously, you need to live in the right place!

Newcastle – UK

Raoul of English Arch

raoul - English Arch

One to one classes and group classes

Focuses on your needs

Specialises in writing and speaking

Find out more

Brisbane Australia

Tish of Yes IELTS!

ielts tutor

Very highly recommended workshops in IELTS writing

Find out more

Pretoria South Africa


IELTS tutor Pretoria

Thorough and step by step preparation for IELTS

Find out more

Chennai India



IELTS trainer and faciliator

Essays and speaking

Nominal fees

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IELTS in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

 IELTS General Module Course in Jerusalem and Tel aviv

When: Friday morning
Where: The offices of The Maple Leaf Immigration Agency, Tel- Aviv
How long: 6 weeks
How many students: 10
Teacher: Annabelle IELTS
Further information:

The Maple Leaf Immigration agency is hosting an IELTS course for their clients and the public.
The aims of the course are:-
• To understand the structure of the test
• To know what the examiners expect
• To improve listening and reading skills that are useful
• To improve your grammar
• To add to your range of appropriate words and phrases
• To overall make you feel more comforatble with and more confident about the test.

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Hong Kong

IELTS Success Hong Kong

IELTS-final copy

What you get

Highly systematic and result-oriented approach. Specialised in teaching Writing skills to those aiming at Writing Band 8.0. Specialised in enhacing students’ Writing /Speaking scores by 1.5 band in average, in a short period of time.

The services

Comprehensive Writing Band 8.0 / Speaking 7.5 6-week Course.Teaching service only available to those living in Hong Kong,SARNo online service is provided

Why you should choose this service

Trained successfully several hundreds of clients of Australian migration agent Southern Cross Alliance in Writing Band 8.0 and Speaking 7.5 for five years.Former IELTS Teacher at The Senate House, Causeway Bay.Provided a 120-hour Language Course at The British Consulate of Hong Kong in Admiralty.Former Language Teacher at Hong Kong Communication Art Centre.Official IELTS Trainer of JR Marriot Immigration firm located in Lippo Centre, one of the most prestigious Australia immigration firms based in Hong Kong.

 Opening hours and availability

Mon-Wed. 6:00-9:00pm / Sat. 11:30am-6:30pmThis service is only available to Hong Kong residents.

Address and contact details

Contact person: Gabriel Montilva
Address: 9 Jupiter street, 15/F Units 02-05. Fortress Hill. Hong Kong.



The UK



Based in London GMT

Speaking and writing (and a whole lot more)

Personable and relaxed

Find out more 


Tish Kirkland

Profile Pic Oct 2013 medium

Based in Brisbane: GMT +10

Speaking by Skype and online writing course

Student-centred and patient

Find out more




Based in Edinburgh GMT

One to one by Skype

Free diagnostic service prior to tuition

Find out more




Online GMT +3

Patient and supportive

Speaking and writing via Skype

Find out more

The United States


IELTS tutor in Melbourne

 Based in North Carolina

One to one speaking via Skype

Communicative and knowledgeable

Find out more

The UK



Based in London

Online Skype Lessons

Interactive: both speaking and writing

Find out more


Mike Wattie

Based in Taiwan and on the internet!

Specialises in writing


Find out more 


Mary Ann

Mary Ann

Based in Toronto GMT +5

Full range of exam preparation

Enjoyable and easy to understand

Find out more


Anna Walker


 Based in Melbourne GMT +10

One-t0-one speaking via Skype

Online writing correction and feedback

Student focused

Find out more



 Based in Istanbul GMT +2

Essay correction service

Focus on students needs

Find out more

 The United States



Based in Virginia GMT -5

Speaking, listening and writing

Student centred and humorous

Find out more

The UK



Based in Gloucester UK, GMT

Skype and QQ lessons

Specialist help with speaking

Find out more

The Philippines

Miracel Juanta

Based in Manila

Specialises in writing

Sets targets

Find out more


Helen Krystallis

Based in Thessaloniki GMT +2

Writing and speaking by Skype

Patient and humorous

Find out more





Based in Busan, South Korea, GMT +9

Online writing and speaking

Prompt and professional service

Find out more


The Philippines


IELTS coach

Based in Davao GMT + 8

writing correction and full courses

A coach not just a tutor

Find out more


Helen ESL


Based in Greece GMT +2

Writing and speaking via Skype

Systematic and logical – with a warm personality!

Find out more


Ben Worthington

Based in Valencia: GMT -1

Essay marking

Energetic and informative

Find out more

The UK


The IELTS tutor

Based in London

Professional and encouraging

Mock tests and far more

Find out more

The UK


former IELTS examiner

Based in London – GMT

Intensive course on all 4 skills available

Former IELTS examiner

Find out more





Based in Mumbai

GMT +5

Essay correction and more

Focuses on your errors

Find out more

New Zealand



Based in Motueka  GMT +12 or 13

Speaking and writing by Skype including essay marking

Targeted and enjoyable learning

Find out more 



annabelle portrait shotBased online GMT +2

Speaking and writing by Skype

Supportive and challenging

Find out more

The United States



Based in Boston GMT -5

Speaking and writing + much more

Works on what you need

Find out more

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    I am a face to face IELTS teacher in Pretoria South Africa , how can I apply to feature here as well ?

    • Dominic Cole September 24, 2016 at 6:42 am #

      Simply contact me via the contact details att eh bottom of the page

  2. Sheila Sudheendra October 8, 2016 at 1:10 am #

    Hi Dominic,

    I am a classroom teacher in Bangalore, India, who would like to have IELTS test aspirants reach out to me for cracking their test successfully.

    Could I do so, and if yes, please advice me.

    Thanks in advance!


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