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Free IELTS Listening tests

How to practise

Practice is obviously important for IELTS but it is important to practise intelligently. Here is a little advice on how to use your free IELTS listening tests:

My suggestion is that you do each listening at least 3 times:

1. test yourself
2. read the transcript as you listen – seeing where the answers come
3. retest yourself a week or so later.

The important stage here is stage 2 – that is where you are going to learn. You will little or nothing just by doing test after test. Aim for quality not quantity if you want to improve.

Band score

If you want to know what your band score is, you can try my online band score calculator.

Dominic Cole’s IELTS Blog – Free IELTS listening tests

Part 1

 part 1 practice: hiring a van: full part 1 practice with form filling exercise and advice on listening for numbers. addresses and dates

part 1 practice: booking a festival: full part 1 practice with multiple choice questions and form filling

part 1 practice: at the train station and the hotel: full part 1 practice with gapfill, spelling and numbers problems

Part 2

part 2 multiple choice: practice with a tutorial listening to a tour guide

Listening to directions on a map – compass points: practice with a tutorial

Listening a map: practice with a tutorial

Part 4

part 4 practice: listening practice with advice on how to use your time between listenings

British Council

A benefit of this site is that it allows you to download and print a paper activity which makes it a much more realistic exercise. You also get an audioscript and one suggestion here is to use the audioscripts provided to read through afterwards to discover how to get the right answers.

Part 1 practice

exercise 1 (with advice)

exercise 2 (with paper activity and audioscript)

Part 2 practice

exercise 1 (with advice)

exercise 2 (with paper activity)

Parts 3 and 4 practice

exercise 1 (with advice)

exercise 2 (with paper activity and audioscript)

exercise 3 (with paper activity and audioscript)

exercise 4 (with paper activity and audioscript)

There’s more, much more

If you are looking for more, you will find many more helpful links to places to practise here. I’d only say that quality should always come before quantity.

Loads more exercises

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