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Do you need help with your speaking or writing for IELTS via Skype?

If so, let me introduce you to Helen – an IELTS tutor via Skype. You will see that she has loads of useful experience in IELTS and is very much an exam person. Her students say that she won’t waste your time, she’s logical and focused, and charming. That sounds like a great combination to me.  You will need to pay her of course, but a little professional help can be invaluable.

Helen ESL



My teaching style

IELTS doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  I guide students through speaking and writing so they have the confidence they need to succeed. I look at my students my students and take a flexible and practical approach to help them with their needs in the time available

In both writing and speakingI make sure my students are familiar with the band score criteria and give them practice and detailed feedback with models to show them how to improve.

What my students say

“I was lucky to find Helen. Her charming manner of teaching and warm personality engaged me from the very beginning. Our speaking sessions were more than helpful.   I felt quite confident during my exam and was happy to get my results – overall band score 8.  I am sure that Helen can help you to prepare for IELTS and to raise your oral and writing skills”

“Helen is a great teacher with rich experience. I like her systematic, logical and very focused approach to teaching subjects.”

I highly recommend Helen as a teacher. She´s willing to help you reach your goals. My classes were very helpful, she gave me some great advice on how to improve my writing for IELTS.

“I really enjoyed our lessons because I got lots of knowledge and information from Helen and she is a very good teacher who didn’t waste any time in our lesson.”


  • IELTS speaking lessons via Skype
  • IELTS writing lessons, Academic  and General, via Skype
  • Essay correction
  • Personal Statement and CV writing


  • Oral Examiner for three well-known examination bodies
  • Cambridge CELTA
  • teaching IELTS since 2008
  • Over 10 years teaching ESL, focusing primarily on adults

Location and time zone:

  • GMT +2
  • Greece


  • Monday through Friday

How to find me:

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  1. M February 22, 2014 at 4:11 am #

    Hello Dominic,

    I really like all those lessons you put here and there. I would say that I made a habit of surfing on your weblog or site or on your Facebook. and now what a cute teacher you introduced, If I had a chance to select my teacher, I would definitely go for this one.


  2. Abror November 22, 2016 at 2:57 pm #

    Hello i have to improve my ielts skills especially speaking and writing ! pleas i need a help 😀 ! this february the last chance for me !
    my skype id: OO Exp

  3. shang March 2, 2017 at 6:02 pm #

    thank you

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