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Rozitah is not an IELTS tutor – she is The IELTS Tutor (dotcom)!! I really do suggest you take a look at her site and see what she can do for you. She has clearly made many many IELTS candidates happy. If you read the testimonials there you’ll find out that she is encouraging and very thorough and take a look below and you’ll see she is also super professional with loads of experience and great qualifications.

If you’re not convinced then I suggest you take a look at her blog. She writes about very practical things and she also looks at the detail of how you can improve your language.


The IELTS tutor

About me
I am a former IELTS EXAMINER and a specialist IELTS coach with over 10 years of experience examining candidates worldwide! I have 20 years of teaching experience at the British Council and hold an MA + Cambridge DELTA diploma for teaching adults.

Paid Services
IELTS Listening/Reading/Writing/Speaking (Live Online Classes)
IELTS Speaking Mock Sessions (Live Online Classes)
IELTS Writing Discussions (Live Online Classes)
IELTS Writing Check (No Live Classes)
and many more!
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Free IELTS Advice:

Experience and Qualifications
2002-2013 IELTS Examiner and Instructor – British Council (various countries)
Masters – Applied Linguistics and TESOL (University of Leicester, UK)
Masters – Theory & Practice of Language Testing (University of Roehampton, UK)
BA English (University of London, UK)
Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (Cambridge DELTA)
Certificate Teaching as a Second Language to Adults (CELTA – Royal Society of Arts)

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Location and Time Zone
London, United Kingdom
GMT (Daylight Saving Times apply)

Wednesdays to Sundays 0900 GMT to 1900 GMT
Please check my calendar for more information:

How to find me

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If for some reason Rozitah is the tutor for you then there are many more suggestions I can make

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