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IELTS salaries essay

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Read the IELTS salaries essay

In many countries people working in sport and entertainment earn much more money than professionals like doctors, nurses and teachers. Why do you think this happens in some societies and do you consider it is good or bad?

It is undoubtedly true that there is often a major imbalance between the salaries of the professional classes and celebrities from the worlds of sport and entertainment. At first sight, this seems unjust, but on closer analysis it is easy to understand why it happens and see that it is almost inevitable.

It does often seem wrong that certain people should earn so much money when their only talent is to entertain. While giving pleasure is important, people in the medical and educational professions have far more important roles in society. For example, a surgeon can save your life in the operating theatre and a teacher can prepare you for your career. Indeed, because both doctors and teachers are so vital to any society, it would seem only right that they receive the largest financial rewards.

When, however, we look to see who earns the most, we discover that it is typically sports and entertainment personalities. There are a variety of reasons why this should be. Firstly, we live in the age of mass media: these people earn so much because they are national or even global stars and get rewarded through endorsements and other sources of income. Secondly, these stars are unique in a way doctors and teachers are not, often they can do what no one else can. Finally, sometimes these stars may have short careers in comparison with other professions. For instance, while doctors can work until they are 65, footballers normally retire in their early 30s.

I personally believe that in the ideal world someone’s income would relate to their value to society. However, in the modern world, it is almost unavoidable the famous will have the highest incomes because of their media exposure.

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This is a 4 paragraph essay with one content paragraph dealing with the opinion and the other dealing with the reasons why it happens. The language of the conclusion also mirrors the introduction.

Vocabulary points to note

One topic of this essay is salaries and it is important to use some varied vocabulary. Note these variations

  • salary
  • income
  • financial reward

It is also necessary to find different ways of saying “people working in sport and entertainment”. Note:

  • sports and entertainment personalities
  • stars
  • footballers

Likewise, see how I vary the vocabulary for doctors and teachers, partly by using examples:

  • surgeon
  • operating theatre
  • medical and educational professions


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      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll go back and look at the factory farms and see what I did there (rather forgot) and see if I can do the same here.

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