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 22                 23          


1. When you move to a higher level in a company and get paid more, you have received a ___________.
3. A general word to describe salary and wages. It can be used both as a verb and a noun.
4. This is a general word for employees and it is often used in education. One common phrase is "a member of _______"
8. A job is __________ when it involves a lot of pressure.
9. One reason why you may resign from a job is if the ___________ is too much.
11. In order to get a job you may need some ______________ first. Some students do internships so that they can gain work _____________ before they start their careers.
13. Some jobs may seem ____________, especially if they involve a lot of travel and you are in the public eye.
14. Most people agree that it is important to maintain a work-life ________.
19. Some people choose to change their __________, others are happy to stay in the same job all their working lives.
20. If you are paid weekly, you may receive wages. If, however, you are paid monthly, it is normally called your ___________.
21. Many people start their careers as a _____________. It can be an important step in your career because the skills you learn then are often vital.
22. One of the most important aspects of any job is the working ___________. Where you work and the people you work with are an important part of job satisfaction.
24. There are a number of different words to describe different types of companies. An ______________ is typically a large company.
25. Job _____________ can involve many different things. For some people a pleasant working environment is most important, other people enjoy jobs that are challenging.
26. Your __________, or the people you work with, are an important part of your working life.


2. If a job is ___________, it gives you job satisfaction and it may be well-paid too.
3. A _______ is the money you receive after you retire.
5. This is a strong desire to do something. It's a quality most employers look for in their employees.
6. This is another word to describe a company. It is frequently used to describe smaller companies and professional organisations, for instance a law ______.
7. If you work __________, you can choose your hours of work. (The word is made from two different words - flexible and time.)
9. A __________ is a benefit you receive for working for a company. For instance, you may get a free parking space.
10. A ______________ is part of a company. For example, many commercial companies will have a special marketing ______________.
12. This is another word for your occupation. If you have a ___________, you will normally have done a lot of training and have formal qualifications.
15. Your ___________ is the company (or person) that gives you a job.
16. If a job is ______________, it may be difficult, but it may also be quite enjoyable.
17. For most jobs nowadays, it is important that you have a ____________. For many people this will involve going to university or college and getting a degree.
18. If a job is _____________, it means that you do the same thing over and over again.
23. A _________ is another word for perk. It is normally financial and you may receive an annual ________ at the end of the year.