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This is another key word for IELTS people and is similar in meaning and use to these words:

  • goal
  • aim
  • purpose
  • objective

It can be used in a wide range of contexts and especially business and education when one is writing about reasons and motivation.

Forms of the word

target (verb and noun)

Using the word

set/meet/attain etc: An effective way of motivating employees is to set them targets and to reward them when they achieve them.

audience/customers/market: It should be remembered that these advertisements are also frequently seen by children and not just their target audience.

date: Any target date needs to be realistic.

prime/primary/original: A prime target for spending cuts should be defence as this would allow more money to be spent on health and education.

on/off/below: While the government is still on target to meet its spending cuts, this is at the expense of reduced services.

targeted at: Although these magazines are targeted at teenagers, they are often bought by much younger children.

Two idioms

a soft/easy target: if something is a soft target, you are perhaps aiming too low as even if you succeed there is little to be gained. Very often the phrase is used when you criticise someone/something

a moving target: this is a situation that you are trying to deal with that is constantly changing and is perhaps hard to deal with




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