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This is an extremely useful word for discussing income and finance. The basic idea is that revenue is money received from business activities  – gross income if you like. You should also note that it is generally used for businesses and taxation and less commonly used for individuals’ financial affairs.

Forms of the word


Using the word

These ares one of the more common uses of the words:

raise/increase/fall etc: There was a substantial increase in sales revenue during this period.

earn/generate: A lightly-taxed economy generates more economic growth, and more revenue

additional/extra/annual/overall/total: Governments could spend this additional tax revenue on improving the transport infrastructure.

advertising/tax/sales: Many websites now rely on advertising revenue in order to make a profit.

from/for: It is of note that revenue from sales of computers fell after reaching a peak of £2 billion in 2010.

stream/source:  Overseas students are an increasingly important revenue stream for universities. [Note the word combination revenue stream which means a source of revenue]

The Inland Revenue: this is the government department in the United Kingdom which deals in taxation.



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