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This is word that is similar in meaning to careful and exact. In academic writing it comes in useful for being precise (!) when you are defining your terms.

Forms of the word

precise: an advective

imprecise: its negative form

precisely: the adverb

precision: a noun

Using the word

to be (more) precise: To be a little more precise, I spent 4 years working in Egypt. [spoken]

the precise moment: Now – at this precise moment – I early don’t know what to say. [spoken and an emphatic way to stress one point in time]

cause/reason: It is not easy to determine the precise reason why people suffer from more stress nowadays. 

timing: While it is possible to argue over the precise timing, it is clear that the government should act quickly.

number/figure/amount/value: The precise number of people who work from home is hard to assess, but it must around 5 million.



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  1. Rose April 30, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

    Hi Dominic – thanks so much for all these wonderful IELTS materials. However, I think there’s a typo (or predictive correction) in the Exercise, sentence 2.: ‘I early don’t know’, is probably meant to read ‘I REALLY don’t know’.

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